Anchor channel is a safe, reliable and high performance fixing system for precast concrete and reinforced concrete structures, matching with suitable T-Bolt together could transfer the tensile and shear loading into the concrete effectively.

Our quality channel system products provide you total solution for almost every fixing problem, with various type combinations, you can easily choose suitable one for your needs, we also can be custom designed to fit your special requirement.

Our channels are made from high strength steel and are available with:
Untreated finish, hot dip galvanized or special Zinc baking treatment finish.
Channels are filled with Polyethylene Foam to prevent wet concrete seepage.
Stainless steel (304 / 316) materials are also available.
We supply two head types T-Bolts for the variety of fixing application:
Hammer-Head bolts for Type 28/15 and 38/17.
Hook-Head bolts for Type 40/25, 50/30 and 54/33.
Grade 4.6 or grade 8.8 for bolts.
Stainless steel (A2 / A4) for bolts, nuts and washers are also available.